Dzi Dragon Beads – Tibetan talisman helps to find and strengthen all men’s qualities

Bead Dzi dragon has a pronounced masculine energy Yang and is a symbol of masculine power. Therefore, this Tibetan talisman is best worn by representatives of the Yang energy, i.e., men. This Tibetan talisman helps to find and strengthen all men’s qualities.
Dragons are mythical and magical creatures, which, according to legend, can be a source of life and life forms. Dzi dragon bead helps to combine the three most important components of life: body, mind and soul into a single harmonious organism. Such an association gives the owner of this Dzi good bodily health, good luck and success in business, and great spiritual strength.

Description and Application of Dzi Dragon Beads

On the bead of Dzi dragon the image of the dragon is drawn as it is represented in Tibetan and Chinese traditions. In Tibet, dragons are considered the highest beings in the hierarchy of the animal world. She is the strongest in physical terms, the smartest and most powerful spiritually and magically.
All dragons possess alchemy and can breathe fire and do magic. Dragons are masters of materializing various objects, including living things. They masterfully master magic, creating magical things and themselves live in a magical world. Dragons bring magic in all its forms to the life of the owner of the bead Dzi dragon.
Dragons live in all dimensions from Earth to heaven. When they are on Earth, they tend to live in large underground caves where they live, store their treasures and move around quietly. The underground level represents our subconscious. Therefore, the bead Dzi dragon helps its owner to reveal the secrets of his subconscious.
With the help of Dzi dragon, you can find negative thoughts hidden in the subconscious, cases from the past, all that affects us in the present and creates our karma. All the material found can be worked out so that it no longer has a negative effect on us. This will be the study of karma. A thoroughly “purified” in this way subconscious is a big step towards enlightenment.
Dragons love to save and guard their wealth. Wealth is not necessarily expressed in abundance of money. It can be both creativity and spiritual achievements. Dzi dragon can help its owner learn how to accumulate the wealth that he wants. Dzi dragon helps to learn how to acquire wealth, as well as how to maintain and increase it.


Dzi Dragon Bead is a great mascot for men. It helps to gain both physical and spiritual strength. Wearing this bead helps to cope with difficulties in life and at work. It helps to overcome both external enemies in the form of competitors and ill-wishers, as well as internal enemies, which until now have been hiding in our subconscious.
Dzi dragon bead helps to achieve the integrity of the body, mind and spirit. This is great Dzi for those who strive to be a leader and for those who just want to become more confident and active in life. Wear this Dzi and achieve all your goals!
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