Tibet has long been famous for its secrets and mysteries, and the Tibetan Dzi beads are one of them. They appeared out of nowhere thousands of years ago. Legends abound about how they came to exist and about their amazing properties. We will try to unravel the mystery of their origin and solve the riddles associated with these Tibetan talismans.

Dzi Bead Ancient Tibetan Amulet

Tibetan Dzi beads are amazing spiritual treasures and one of the most powerful talismans not only in Tibet but throughout the world. They have the ability to help their owner in many different areas of their life and can contribute to their spiritual growth.

Dzi Bead

Many have heard of Dzi beads – the mysterious Tibetan talismans. But few know about their origin and their influence on a person and their destiny. Ancient Dzi found in the territory of modern Tibet are between 2000 and 3000 years old. But these ancient talismans are probably of earlier origin. According to some reports, the history of the origin of the Tibetan beaded Dzi goes back centuries, far beyond the three thousand year milestone of the ancient Dzi that are known today.

The History of Dzi Beads

You can easily find a description of almost all existing Dzi beads, their properties, as well as the effects on the wearer during use. Each pattern has a deep meaning and suggests how to use the beads.

Meaning of Dzi Beads Patterns

The origin of the mysterious Tibetan Dzi beads is full of myths and legends. These stories vary from one area of Tibet to the next. Most believe that the Dzi came from the Gods, and most Tibetans believe that the Dzi came from the Gods. And most Tibetans are of the opinion that Dzi beads are either the offspring of the gods or are of celestial origin. But there is also a story about the earthly origin of these Tibetan amulets.

Myths & Legends about Dzi Beads