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DziBit has been in the business of antique dzi trade and collection in Nepal for more than 9 years. Today we bring you a fascinating explanation and myth about what’s inside the world’s most talked about dzi.

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In a mysterious way, the power (energy) of the ancient Dzis is the strongest. We have broadened our horizon. We are the first and only collector in Nepal in 2012. We accept only the best and highest quality. While the antique and old dzi usually comes in its individuality. The different category will delight our customers. Most of our customers know us by 'word of mouth' and heartfelt gratitude for the wonders their dzis have brought them. They are not only people from all walks of life, but also practitioners, spiritual gurus, holistic learners, reiki and meditators.

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Due to the positive results of wearing these mystical dzis, the large number of requests from both local and overseas enquiries, and also existing customers who have encouraged us to expand worldwide with more services, we are launching our DziBit Online Store and Meaning Catalogue.

Why we make a different

Most of our customers know us by word of mouth. They are grateful for the wonders their dzi’s have brought them. The positive results and feedback from wearing these mystical dzi encouraged us to open our shop.

The collector of a dzi should have the mentality that the dzi is also an investment, but at the same time it is a treasure that will bring priceless blessings and honour to its owner.

Our price is kept reasonably low due to our vast resources and goodwill friendship with our Himalayan friends who go very far to get the rarest and best Dzi’s available.

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