Dzi Bead 4 eyes of 4 Bodhisattva

Dzi Bead 4 eyes is a bead of 4 Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is the designation of a person in Buddhism who practices spiritual practices to become a Buddha (enlightened) and to bring benefit to all beings on earth. Bodhisattva’s consciously remain in this world and do not go into nirvana to help people and other living beings get out of Samara — an endless cycle of rebirths.

They devote all their strength and energy to getting rid of the suffering of this world. Guided by compassion and relying on knowledge of the laws of this world and their wisdom, they make the salvation of all living things on earth a matter of their whole lives. The four-eyed bead Dzi represents the power of quality of these 4 Bodhisattvas.

Qualities of four-eyed Dzi bead

The four-eyed bead Dzi is endowed with the qualities of four Bodhisattvas:
  • Maitreya – Compassion and Wisdom
  • Avalokiteshvara – compassion, protector from danger, supreme love
  • Manjushri – the wisdom and power of the Buddha, memory and intelligence
  • Mahasthamaprapta – Wisdom and Awareness
To understand the power that is contained in this Tibetan bead Dzi 4 eyes, which symbolizes these four Bodhisattvas, we will briefly consider each of them.


Maitreya is a Bodhisattva that is recognized and respected by all modern schools of Buddhism. Many Buddhists believe that he will soon reincarnate on earth, and after achieving full enlightenment he will begin to teach people the universal laws of life. This is the “Lord named Compassion” who will become the Teacher of humanity.


Avalokiteshvara is one of the most revered Bodhisattva in Buddhism. He embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. In Tibetan Buddhism, Avalokiteshvara is known as Padmapani (lotus holder), as well as Chenrezig.
In East Asia, this Bodhisattva is known as Kuan Yin, or Cannon, both of which are female incarnations. Kuan Yin is a revered Bodhisattva of compassion in East Asia. In the West, she is widely known as the Goddess of Mercy. Kuan Yin is also revered by the Chinese Taoists as a symbol of immortality. The name Kuan Yin means “watching the sounds of the world.”


Manjushri is one of the eight great Bodhisattva who were the closest disciples of Gautama Buddha. This is a Bodhisattva of higher wisdom. It symbolizes the embodiment of prajnaparamita – the knowledge and transcendental wisdom of all Buddhas. In the images he can be seen with a sword in his right hand, with which he fights with the darkness of ignorance, and a text scroll in his left.


Mahasthamaprapta is a Buddhist Bodhisattva that personifies the power of wisdom. He is often portrayed in a trinity with Avalokiteshvara and Amitabha. In Chinese Buddhism, he is usually portrayed as a woman similar to Kuan-Yin. He is also one of thirteen Buddhas in Japanese Buddhism.
In the Surangama Sutra, the Bodhisattva Mahasthamaprapta talks about how he gained enlightenment by attaining the state of samadhi through the constant pure awareness of the Buddha.

Value Dzi Beads 4 Eyes

The 4-eye bead Dzi is endowed with the qualities of all 4 Bodhisattva. It helps to increase the wisdom of its owner, helps to fulfill desires, brings good luck and prosperity in life. It also performs a protective function well – it drives away evil spirits and removes obstacles to the goal.
Thanks to the great spiritual power, the Dzi 4-eye bead helps to overcome the negative influences of both the external world and those coming from our subconscious. It contributes to success in life and longevity.
The four-eyed bead Dzi is very favorable for people who are engaged in spiritual practices, as it helps to fight with their inner mental demons that poison our lives. She also protects against induced negative energy influences such as evil eye or damage.
All these qualities possessed by the Dzi 4-eye bead, together with wisdom and compassion for all living creatures on earth, makes it an excellent choice for constant wear in any life situation.
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