Bead Dzi 14 eyes – liberation of the mind

Bead Dzi 14 eyes cleanses the mind from erratic thoughts and “porridge” in the head. This is a wonderful bead for those who want to unleash the potential of their own mind. The 14-eyed bead of Dzi helps free the mind from obsessive thoughts, aspirations, and desires. And this freed space of the mind can be used to broaden one’s horizons, develop and learn, discover new areas of hobbies and hobbies. A pure mind is favorable for reflection on a task, as well as for contemplation and meditation.

What helps with 14-eyed Dzi

Usually in everyday life we ​​do not track what is happening in our mind. And there is something to see there. If you try to look at what we think and what our attention is on, it becomes clear that one of the descriptions of hell can be defined as “what is in our head.”
Indeed, our thoughts constantly jump from one to another. We looked at something and a cascade of associative pictures and thoughts about what we saw immediately appeared in our head. And this, as it were, closes the world that surrounds us from us. We no longer see the world around us, but perceive it through the prism of those thoughts, images of pictures that we “found” in our mind.
Because of this arrangement of the mind, we do not see reality as it really is. And those tasks that we have are “polluted” by such a background influx of completely unnecessary in this case thoughts and pictures from our past.
We do not have enough “strength” and “time”, but in fact – free attention to make our own world more interesting, more beautiful and more saturated with bright positive impressions, to clear this garbage of habitual experiences, to stop and understand – and what I’m doing and can I make me happy? What is my life filled with? What are my thoughts filled with? What am I constantly busy with?
A 14-eye Dzi bead helps free our mind from such mental trash. Our mental activity becomes clear and clear. Unnecessary thoughts are not confused in our minds, and the tasks that our mind must solve are carried out more easily and quickly.


Bead Dzi 14 eyes frees us from unnecessary and unnecessary mental activity, which is only “lost” in our head, without any benefit. Thanks to the liberation of the mind from such rubbish, we become more focused on pressing matters. Our mind becomes more inquiring and able to explore the tasks and solve problems more deeply and efficiently.
A person becomes more open to the world, positive, filled with a lively interest in what is happening. His best qualities develop in him and protective reactions go away, which are expressed in various manifestations such as being closed from people, sarcasm, excessive alertness and others.
If a person is engaged in self-improvement, then this bead will help to achieve mental silence. With this bead, it will be easier for us to acquire the ability to control our mind. And in this state of silence of the mind, all spiritual practices begin to take place easily and efficiently. Also, a 14-eye Dzi bead helps prevent the formation of negative karma. This reduces the need for reincarnation to practice karmic ties.
The 14-eyed bead Dzi is a great helper for working with our mind. If you want your mind to be clean, work well and your spiritual practices are effective, get and wear this Dzi bead.
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