Natural Himalaya Crystal bracelet with Garuda Dzi Bead

The bead of Dzi Garuda helps to overcome the influence of negative forces, removes obstacles to the goal, promotes the acquisition of wealth and brings good luck. Garuda Dzi bestows a longer life and blesses the five gods of well-being in the acquisition of wealth.

About the mythical bird of Garuda

Garuda is a giant humanoid bird that is present in Buddhist and Indian mythology. Garuda Bird is a guardian of Hindu and Buddhist temples, possessing supernatural powers. The Garuda possesses solar energy and destroys the serpent of disbelief in God, which strikes the human mind with its poison.

The Garuda is a symbol of tremendous strength, speed and military courage. She helps fight bad life situations. It facilitates the mental state of a person, helping to free the mind from anxiety, excitement and negative thoughts. In Buddhism, the Garuda bird is one of the symbols of achieving an enlightened mind.

The meaning and application of Dzi Garuda

On one side of the Dzi Garuda bead, 5 circles or “eyes” are drawn. In the center there is one circle, and around it four more are located. This drawing resembles a cross. These 5 circles symbolize the 5 divine directions of wealth. They symbolize the directions of the cardinal points: North, South, East, West and the side directed upwards. These five gods of wealth help to bring wealth to the wearer of this bead.

The Dzi Garuda bead is an excellent protective amulet for counteracting various kinds of negative energy influences. These influences can come both from people and from bad Feng Shui and negative currents of energy in your home, at work or in the place where you have to be. Wearing this Dzi will help you protect yourself from these negative influences.

Negative influence can come not only from the outside, but also from one’s own destructive thoughts. Such thoughts also lead to various kinds of diseases. The Garuda Dzi helps to cope with negative thoughts and defeatist moods. This is a rather rare function of the talisman – to protect a person from his own negative thoughts.

Dzi Garuda bead has a strong energy. Some people may feel numbness or tingling in their body when donning this Dzi. Such manifestations can occur in problematic parts of the human body. When you dress this Dzi, try to feel what is happening in the body. Sensations may occur in the joints, in places of old wounds and where some organ was damaged.

Such sensations suggest that this talisman has an effect on the body and helps in the treatment. But if you did not suspect about some kind of “new” problematic place in your body identified with this bead, then it’s better to appear to a specialist and undergo additional diagnostics for a possible disease associated with this organ.

Different variants of this Garuda Dzi bead

The Dzi Garuda bead, on the one hand, has a cross-shaped design with 5 circles representing this mythical bird. These 5 circles symbolize the five gods of wealth, which are presented and described in the article on the 5-eye Dzi bead.

On the other hand, Garuda Dzi beads sometimes can also have drawings that enhance the effect of this Tibetan talisman, depending on which symbol is drawn on the opposite side.

Some Garuda Dzi on the other side carry a drawing of the goddess Kuan Yin. Sometimes on the other side of the Dzi Garuda bead there may be a symbol of lightning. It is a symbol of the destruction of ignorance. And such a Dzi is sometimes called Dzi enlightenment.


Dzi Garuda’s bead is a powerful talisman from possible very bad events in life. She gives strength and courage to cope with dangerous situations in life, protect herself from negative influences and cure diseases. This powerful Tibetan talisman will help you protect your life from negativity, calm your mind, improve your health, bring prosperity and good luck to your life.

Use this Dzi bead together with other talismans and the right Feng-Shui and make your life more relaxed, prosperous and happy!

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 15 mm

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