Reputation and fame

This 9-eye Dzi bead attracts the attention of the public and brings its owner great fame and popularity in society. With such fame and good reputation, the owner of the 9-eye Dzi bead is able to achieve material success and well-being much easier. The more popular a person gains, the more material wealth he can get at his disposal.

It is this quality that attracts the success and fame of this Tibetan bead Dzi 9 eyes so highly appreciated by all who seek to become a pop star and gain great popularity. In addition, enhancing your reputation is a very valuable quality both for politicians and for doing business in a business environment. Therefore, the 9-eyed bead Dzi is suitable for representatives of these circles of society.

Dzi 9 virtues

In addition to the ability of the Dzi 9 eye bead to bring widespread popularity to its owner, it has many more wonderful qualities. The 9 eyes of this bead symbolize the essence of all 9 planets of our solar system. The number “9” in Buddhism is the number of completeness and completeness.

It is believed that this Dzi brings its owner all kinds of luck and gives advantages in life, which are expressed in the following 9 advantages and abilities:

The ability to achieve triumphal victories.

The ability to protect yourself, people and your business from possible adversities and dangers.

The acquisition of wide fame and popularity among the public.

Gaining self-esteem and dignity.

Compassion and mercy for people.

The acquisition of power, strength and power in society.

Authority and competence in the field in which the person works, achieving great authority and leadership positions.

The ability to both self-control and good control and management of those people and enterprises that this person manages.

Achieving high reputation, fame.

As can be seen from the above, the Dzi bead 9 eyes is especially suitable for those people who seek to achieve fame, fame and great popularity among the public. These qualities, along with the ability to manage their affairs well, make it possible to achieve a high position in society and a good level of income.

Dzi Bead 9 Eye Meaning and Application

Dzi 9-eyed bead is well-suited for businessmen, politicians and public figures and cultural figures. It favors those who need a good image and high reputation. The 9-eye Dzi bead is especially good for people in leadership positions, business owners and managers, leaders of social movements and political parties.

It should be noted that wearing a 9-eye Dzi bead does not grant success as if by magic. In order to “discover” her talents, one must make her own efforts. Dzi harmonizes and strengthens what we bring to the world. It serves as a kind of resonance and amplifier of our energy and helps us achieve much greater success than that which we could achieve without her help.


Entrepreneur bead Dzi 9 eyes helps to find strengths, find good ideas for business and create a well-functioning, well-coordinated business mechanism that brings good money.


An employee of the company helps to quickly earn a good reputation and move up the career ladder.


Singers and actors achieve the love and popularity of the public.


Public figures gain trust, respect and fame among the electorate.

But if a person himself does not make any efforts to achieve his goal, then there are not those qualities, that energy, which must be strengthened and harmonized. So just don’t put on 9 Dzi eyes and wake up successful and popular tomorrow, unfortunately, it won’t work. You must first make your own efforts towards the goal, and the Tibetan talisman will help you.

Additional Features of 9 Eye Dzi Beads

Wearing a 9-eye Dzi bead helps its wearer strengthen his intellectual abilities and become wiser. This helps to avoid many difficulties and overcome the obstacles that arise on the way to his fame, success and wealth. In addition, the protective functions of this Dzi allow businessmen to stay afloat in economic storms. Public figures will not lose their position in society. And also this Dzi contributes to the physical survival of a person in catastrophes and accidents.

There is documented evidence of a certain “mystical power” of this Dzi that allows surviving in such incidents. So, when the plane crashed in Nagoya on April 26, 1994, among 7 of the 271 survivors, there was one with a 9-eyed Dzi bead. Therefore, this Tibetan bead is also good for protection from the dangers of this world and the vicissitudes of fate.


The Dzi 9 Eye Bead is one of the best beads for everyday wear in modern society. It promotes such qualities that help both a simple employee of a company and a businessman, a politician and other people in public professions to gain a good reputation, credibility and achieve high status in the modern world.

This Dzi is unique in another of its properties – it adapts to the owner and helps him realize exactly what and when it is necessary in the first place. She, as it were, feels the desires of her master and alternately, in terms of importance, desirability, necessity and expediency, attracts the necessary situations and people.

If you want to succeed in society, take a high step in the public ladder and just get the love and respect of the surrounding people, be sure to get this 9-eyed Dzi bead and wear it to achieve success and well-being as soon as possible.

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 15 mm


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