Anyone who owns a Dzi Diamond bead will find that all kinds of obstacles to achieve his goal have become much less. The owner of this Dzi is surrounded by positive living energies that help to cope with obstacles and the path to achieving the goal becomes smoother and easier.

Before becoming a precious diamond, a diamond stone must first be found. Then this stone should be faceted based on its internal structure. And only after that the stone will sparkle with magnificent colors, shining in all its splendor. Like this procedure, our inner world must be found, cut and opened in all its beauty. And in this Dzi diamond also helps its owner. Dzi diamond helps to shed light on everything beautiful and beautiful that is dozing inside us. It allows you to start living in beauty and radiance. A diamond shine illuminates the owner of this bead, driving away everything bad and ugly and brings beauty and splendor to life.

Symbolism of the Diamond Scepter

Vajra is a symbol of Vajrayana, one of the three main branches of Buddhism. Vajrayana Buddhism is also known as the Diamond Way. The Dzi diamond bead, along with the Dzi Vajra, personifies this trend in Buddhism.

Vajra is often used as a tool for meditation. Practitioners meditate on vajra to achieve insights in their spiritual practice. The experience of obtaining insights is a symbol of the union of relative and absolute truths. Relative truth is what we experience in everyday life and relates to the phenomenal world. Absolute truth is a timeless state of unity with nature and all around us. By meditating and gaining insights, we thereby “cut” our diamond and get that diamond, which in its highest form is called enlightenment.

The diamond scepter also has other properties that affect the owner of the Dzi diamond bead. Read more about them in the article about Dzi Vajra.


The action of the Dzi diamond beads is aimed at bringing beauty, beauty and grandeur to the life of its owner. It reduces obstacles, improves the life path and makes it colorful and easy.

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 15 mm


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