FAQ about Dzi Beads

What should I look for when buying my personal dzi?

Always remember that DZI is a lifetime blessing gemstone. It will stay with you for many generations if it is well taken care of. Best quality, genuine and authentic dzi is a good investment. Do spend as much time on this website if you can to get good knowledge and how to use the dzi.

 One way is to read through the ‘Definition of Dzi’ to see which dzi will bring most blessings to you. Another way is to intuitively choose the one that they feel most attracted to. Ask your inner feelings and always trust your own judgment and eye sight of what you need and which bead attracts you most. Take 30 seconds at least to look at that particular dzi and how you feel about it.

Seek for sellers who can explain all the motifs and design to you. There are over 30 types of dzi motifs catering for different walks of life of each individual. So, it is very important to get the correct one. This is also to ensure that you use the full potential of your dzi.

How do I distinguish a fake dzi from a genuine dzi?

Buy your bead from a reputable seller that is specialized in Dzi only. Make sure that they do not sell many other products. Only buy from sellers with many years experience, specialized in dzis only and is able to give you answers, after-sales service, advice armed with sound knowledge of dzi. All antique dzi must come with a quality guarantee card with identity code number from the company. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you should have doubt.

Bear in mind that some sellers themselves are unaware and can mistakenly sell you a fake or imitation dzi because of lack experience and high cost of getting genuine dzi. It is important to ask for certification (only for antique dzis) upon purchasing. All dzi from us comes with certification. 

All genuine dzi are different in shape, size and motif. Authentic dzi are never perfect because of its weathering mark (wormlike), waxy or sheen effect and natural line appearing. Do not be surprise if the dzi changes its form after wearing for some time because dzi is a living gemstone that changes according to your body’s ‘qi’ or karma.


There are also the FAKE or IMITATION dzi that has flooded the market over the years. Many unsuspecting people are hoax into buying cheap imitation dzi. This happens when the seller is sometimes not armed with enough knowledge to distinguish the real dzi from the fake ones. But with much information on hand, buyers interest are protected and will be able to detect fake dzis.

These are reproduction made of stones, hard plastics, cement, glass, yak bones and other replica materials. The design on the dzi looked painted on the outside, treated, usually too matt or too shiny and some will not have any weathering marks on them. A replica is a cheap synthetic or yak bone reconstruction, selling for only USD 2 – 10 a piece in the Silk Routes, China, Taiwan and even in Malaysia. They may have the design features of real Dzi but they’re complete imitations. Do not purchase this kind of Dzi.

Why dzi collectors say it is an investment?

Besides the factors of rarity and quality, market price speculation on these short supply treasures has pushed up their valuations over the years. Dzi collector and wearers the same, should have the mentality that the Dzi is also an investment, but at the same time it is a treasure that will bring priceless blessing and credit to its owner.

Our price is kept reasonably low due to our DIRECT (no 3rd party) and vast resources and goodwill friendship with our Himalayan friends who go very far to get the rarest and best Dzis available. We vow to put all our effort in getting the most unique Dzi in the world in which we guarantee our clients will not get at any other store.

Valuations of dzi are determined by age, quality, sheen effect, weathering mark, cinnabar dots (will grow from inner to the surface with age) rarity and uniqueness.

How do I feel the dzi's energy?

Some individual with keener senses may feel a slight jolt, pulsation, numbness or giddiness when initially handling the dzi. No instrument in the world can choose the best dzi for your good-self. To detect the best dzi for you is your very own body and hands. Place the ends of the dzi between your thumb and third finger.

These gems have its own powers to communicate with you…it calls you. Sounds weird but from our experience, it just happens naturally though it may sound illogical. This is only the surface of some experience we share with our clients. There is many more information on how you can use your dzi to its highest potential.

Nowadays, these gems are used for holistic purposes, mainly for the New Age era, those into spirituality, energy practices, “chi gong”, reiki, practitioners, spiritual gurus, holistic healers and meditators. It is how the energy works on the body, how it balances the system and scientifically speaking, its how they stimulate blood vessels, how they work on the chakra points, healing of aura weakness, energy meridians, lymph nodes, bloodstream etc. Some clients experience a clearer eye sight, burst of energy and internal happiness.

What are the feelings to expect the first few days of wearing dzi?

The feedback from our clients varies from sudden burst of energy, urge to drink more water, flowing in of good luck and opportunities, radiant appearance on the skin and etc.

Some feel minimal dizziness are the few common outcomes too. Do take note if you feel slight twinge in areas of your body, put some attention into that area. Email us your symptoms and we will help you with a further explanation on what the dzi is trying to tell you.

How do I know if the dzi have ceased its power on me?

If you drop your dzi on hard flooring or knocked it against something hard and caused it to slightly chip or damage, it is acceptable. Unless of course if the dzi is broken 1/3 or ½, which mean it has protected you from danger or calamities and have loss its talismanic properties.

DO NOT keep the broken dzi

What is the best way to wear a dzi and get the most out of it?

Dzis are preferably worn on the body always. Wear a necklace in an upright vertical position or bracelet touching your wrist. Bigger beads can be placed near to you on your work desk or home for positive energy. Dzi energy will never cease (unless broken) if well taken care of.

Belief and communication with your dzi is very important. Channel a message with your mind to your dzi. Dzi brings the highest effect if blessed by a guru or a learnt teacher of any religious order. Only genuine dzi can achieve these effects. Otherwise, do get a dzi from sellers who already have them blessed. This mystical gem is known to manifest wonderful experiences to our clients.

You can use dzi to channel energy and thoughts to higher being. It can be used for self healing of the body and heart, wishes, good vibe and many other usages.

How do I care for my dzi?

Dzi should be treated like any other precious gemstone you are wearing. Although not much is needed to care for your dzi, there are some little thing that you can take note of. Do not step or leave it on the floor or a dirty place. If you have an altar at home, leave it there overnight to have it re-charged and purify. Another way is to use a Tibetan singing bowl with mantras on it or place it in a pure crystal geode. If you have pure sandalwood stick incense, place your dzi next to it.

We are now working with some monasteries and friends to extract Tibetan herbal incense oil for dzi cleansing. The oil is pure and natural which contains minerals from the Himalayan Mountains. Keep in touch with us on this.

Can anyone wear dzi?

YES, dzi can be worn by anyone regardless of gender, age, religion and occupation. Our dzi are worn by people from all walks of life around the world.

I got what I want from my bead! What should I do next?

When the dzi gave you what you wanted or wished for, feel grateful, make a donation to any charity your want and also gain some merits doing so. Pray in thankfulness and continue enjoying the bliss and blessings the dzi brings you.

Dzi beads are simply worn on a cord, either as a bracelet, or as a key chain, or as a pendant on a bag or as a designer pin, or you can simply carry a Dzi bead in your wallet.

For women, the choice is very wide. These are various types of bracelets, necklaces and necklaces. It can also be pendants, brooches and even earrings. The stones that go into such jewelry also have their own energy, aimed at certain areas of life, and therefore it is better to choose the right combinations so that all components reinforce each other. Then such an ornament becomes an even more powerful amulet.

Everyone can wear Tibetan Dzi beads. The actions of these talismans are based on the laws of nature themselves, so they only help their owner, harmonizing and facilitating his path to the goal. Many celebrities, actors and public figures wear these Tibetan amulets of Dzi.

How to charge Dzi beads?

When wearing Tibetan talismans, it is periodically necessary to charge Dzi. You can charge Dzi beads yourself. Before you charge your beads, they must be cleaned.

When is it necessary to charge Dzi?

Cleaning and recharging Dzi is recommended once a month. But this monthly cleaning and recharging is not a strict rule. We are all different, we all have different energies and different life circumstances. If everything in life is more or less smooth and good, then you can wear your Dzi for a long time without cleaning and recharging.

If you suddenly experienced any kind of strong shock or you felt some negative energy from the Dzi bead, you need to clean and recharge your bead.

What procedures can increase the energy level of Dzi beads?

Charge Dzi with the energy of the sun and moon.

The easiest and most affordable way to recharge Dzi beads is with the energy of the sun and moon. To do this, take your Dzi and put it on the windowsill, where the sun and moonlight usually fall.

First, put the purified Dzi at night under the moonlight, and then leave it for a day in the sunlight. Everything, in the evening you can continue to wear your Dzi as usual.

If the night is cloudy and the moon is not visible, do not worry, remember, we are working with energy, and not with the physical rays of the sun and moon.

!You cannot use this recharging method on eclipse days!

We charge the Dzi bead with the energy of the earth.

In order to charge Dzi with land, you need to find a good place in your suburban area, cottage. It is important that this place is calm and comfortable. It should grow healthy plants and trees. Neither domestic animals nor wild animals should interfere with the cleansing of Dzi beads in this place. The place should be yours. Therefore, a summer cottage is the best option for recharging Dzi beads with earth.

Do not choose a place in the city where many cars drive and animals walk!

Among the growing plants and trees, choose the one that looks healthy and you like it. Dig a small hole under it 20 cm deep and put your Dzi bead there. Cover with clean soil and leave for a period of a week to three months. Try not to think about your Dzi at this time, not to worry about her.

How long should a Dzi bead lie underground to recharge?

When you feel that you want to take your Dzi in your arms, touch it, then the time has come to dig out your bead. Dig a bead and feel the changes that have occurred in your Dzi during your stay underground.

Thus, the Dzi bead is recharged with the power of earth and nature. But what if winter is outside and the cottage season is still far away?

How to charge Dzi with earth at home?

If you do not have your own summer cottage, or it’s winter in the yard, then you can charge Dzi’s bead at home in a large flower pot.

A healthy, mature, strong, well-feeling plant should grow in this pot!

To recharge Dzi, we dig a small hole in the pot (centimeters can be up to 10-15 depths) and put a bead there. Take care of the plant with a Dzi bead. The pot should stand in a room where there is a safe, relaxed atmosphere.

After a while, when you feel the urge to chat with a bead, dig up your Dzi. Wash it, dry it and carry it on.

We charge the Dzi bead on a friend of crystals.

One of the best and most effective ways to charge a Dzi bead is to use crystal druse. For this, it is necessary to use quartz crystals, since quartz has the strongest energy. There are many varieties of quartz. The following natural stones should be used to recharge Dzi:

  • Druze Mountain Crystal
  • Druze Amethyst
  • Druze Citrine

Druzes of these stones can be used not only for charging, but also in order to remove all negative energy from Dzi beads or other products. Ordinary jewelry made of natural stones can also be put on these druses to conduct their energy cleaning. In this way, you can remove other people’s energy if your jewelry had another owner earlier.

Before you put your Dzi on a crystal druse, make sure that both the bead and the druse are clean. If necessary, first wash your bead and druze in running water. After that, dry and lay the Dzi bead on top of the crystals of Amethyst or Rock Crystal.

The duration of cleaning and charging in this way may be different. It depends on how big your druse is. The larger the crystals on it and the larger they are, the stronger the energy of the Druze.

It is better to put Dzi on a druse for the first time no less than a day. Then you can put it at night to recharge after a day of wearing, and put it on again in the morning.

How to activate Dzi?

After you have cleaned and recharged your Dzi bead, you need to make it a personal amulet, that is, make Dzi activation, attach it to yourself. To do this, you need to introduce it into your energy, into your structure, so that the bead will work individually only for you – the owner of this Dzi.

From the moment you activate the connection, you should not let other people touch Dzi, let alone put on your amulet. Even relatives and close people fall into this category.

! This is only your amulet and no one else!

There are some exceptions to this rule. They concern both varieties of Dzi and the intricacies of relationships between people. For example, Dzi Rui works with the whole family at the same time, although it belongs to one person. However, only those family members with whom you are in a harmonious relationship can touch this bead.

Dzi with whom you went through the connection process, you can not sell or give, it can be done safely only after the process of termination.

Ways to activate Dzi beads.

There are several ways to activate Dzi beads. Which one to apply depends on you and your individual abilities. It is also necessary to have experience in carrying out such actions and have a subtle sensory perception. Therefore, it is better to do these practices under the guidance of an experienced master Dzi, so that they do not turn out to be an illusion. Before activating Dzi beads or Dzi products, they must be cleaned.

To activate Dzi in any of the ways, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • You need to be in a quiet place where no one and nothing will disturb you for half an hour. Other people, including children, must not be present in this room.
  • You need to wash your hands, provide comfort to your body.
  • You should not be hungry and tired.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes that do not constrain you and do not press on the body.
  • Remove all jewelry, amulets and talismans.
  • Turn off your phone, computer and all devices that may distract you.
  • Light a candle if desired.
  • Cleanse your mind.
  • Proceed to meditate connections with your Dzi bead.

Activation of Dzi through the breath

Sit in a comfortable position with a flat back. Do not cross legs and arms. Take your Dzi in the palm of your left hand. Cover it with your right palm. Hands can be on your knees, so at the level of the abdomen or chest.

Listen to the feeling in the palms. Feel, realize, remember your sensations.

  • Three times, take a deep breath in and out of the chest.
  • Breathe deeply with your stomach three times (diaphragmatic breathing).
  • Breathe the upper lung three times, raising and lowering your shoulders high (clavicular breathing). Notice how your body sensation has changed.
  • Pay attention to your palms and feel the Dzi beads in your palms.
  • Feel the energy emanating from it. Pay attention to the emotional coloring of this energy. If you feel uncomfortable, stop meditation and deeply clean your Dzi. If you feel power, love, warmth, vibration, joy, then let this energy flow into you through your palms.
  • Watch how this energy spreads throughout your body, fills it all the way to the tips of your toes.
  • Stay in this state of conscious observation for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Open your palms, look at your bead and feel how it has become closer to you, akin to you.
  • Take a few deep breaths and put Dzi on yourself.

The meditation connection with your Dzi is complete. On this day, do not drink alcohol, try to be in a peaceful, favorable atmosphere.

! Avoid negative information flows, keep calm!

Palm lotus petals (for advanced practitioners).This option is suitable for those who already have extensive experience in owning their energy and are engaged in advanced energy practices.

  • Take Dzi in the palm of your hand, or hold it in the fist of the leading working hand.
  • Turn on the breath through the palm of your hand and breathe out for 3-4 minutes.
  • Be aware of the changes in your energy and the energy of your Dzi.
  • Put Dzi in the other hand and repeat the action.
  • Pay attention to energy and psycho-emotional changes.
  • Connect both palms, turn on the flow of breath in both palms at the same time.
  • Pay attention to filling your body with new energy.
  • Open your palms, look at Dzi and smile.
  • From now on you are one!
  • Put on yourself Dzi and wear it.

Chakra resonance.

This practice is based on combining Dzi’s energy potential with each person’s chakra. In this way of attuning Dzi energy with a person, the Dzi vibration is combined with those human energy centers (chakrams) that need to be developed to achieve the goal. This is the most accurate alignment.

This method is especially recommended for those people who choose beads for the spiritual plan. Also, this procedure is important for those who want to achieve harmony in love, financial success and to reveal their creative potential.

In the process of this attunement-meditation, you yourself will see your problems and, if desired, get the tools to solve them. This practice increases awareness, which increases the efficiency of the Dzi beads.

How to choose Dzi?

We determine why we need Dzi beads.

First you need to decide what you need this talisman for. What do you want to improve in yourself, in your life and destiny? Often, many people cannot give an exact answer to these questions. Or we want what everyone wants, for the company. Those. this is not our true desire, but imposed by the environment and society.

If you have a specific problem or a difficult situation, then everything is clear here. Look at the Dzi beads in the catalog and choose the most suitable for you.

If you want to improve your life, but there is no specific request, then you can also see the beads from the catalog, but it’s better to clarify your request. The more accurately you know what you want to achieve in life, what you need help from the strength of Tibetan talismans, the more correctly you can pick up your Dzi beads.

Which beads to choose and how much to take Dzi.

If you are not a multimillionaire, then you can take modern Dzi beads. They are not so expensive and work well. But there are many beads on the market that do not have good energy, therefore it is better to take beads in a safe place and where the seller himself is able to determine how strong the energy of a particular bead is. For the most effective solution to your problem or request, it is better to buy not one, but several Dzi beads, which, due to the synergistic effect, will work better. You can wear them both in bracelets and in necklaces, key chains, etc.

The complete set and sequence of wearing such beads will be individual for each person. It is better to consult for free:

Intuitive energy selection of Dzi beads.

If you have a well-developed sense of energy and intuition, then you can choose a Dzi bead intuitively. Intuitive energy choices are made like this. Feel the Dzi bead.

  • What do you feel about her?
  • Do you want to grab it in your hands, hold it against you?

What emotion do you feel about this Dzi.

It’s not even necessary to hold a Dzi bead in your hands. Enough her photographs and even thoughts about her (but you need to think about a specific, real Dzi).

If you have only positive feelings and emotions towards this Dzi bead, then it is quite suitable for you. Even if according to its described properties it is “intended” for other purposes.


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