Mountain Peak Dzi Bead – supports its owner in almost any situation

The bead of Dzi Mountain Peak, or Dzi Mountain, symbolizes stability and resilience. This bead supports its owner in almost any situation. It gives strength and helps focus on what needs to be done.

Mountain Peak Dzi Bead

The bead of Mount Dzi personifies courage and unwaveringness in the face of dangers and troubles. It helps to survive in difficult situations under the pressure of adverse circumstances and hostile actions. Wearing beads the mountain peak of Dzi brings its owner strength, stability and support in all activities. It is favorable for business, career growth and gaining recognition in any area of ​​life.

Description and Application of Dzi Mountain Beads

On the bead of Mount Dzi is an image of two or more mountain peaks located one above the other. Peaks are usually pointed, but may be more rounded. The lower mountain is usually depicted as a small hill, above which is another, two or more mountain peaks.
The Dzi Mountain Peak bead is often depicted with two eyes. This combination is especially good for home and family. The combination of Dzi mountains with two eyes helps to establish good, stable relationships and strong ties in the family. Helps to overcome disagreements in the family and to unite spouses and relatives in a stronger union.
The mountain peak Dzi is very good to wear for those who work for themselves. This Dzi helps to avoid many mistakes that a self-employed person can make. Self-employment is not an easy thing, you have to do everything yourself. It is necessary to create what you offer people, give advertising, sell and then keep accounting. Here we need a solid foundation and support, which this Tibetan talisman gives.
Without a good foundation and sustainability afloat can not do in the world of entrepreneurship and big business. Dzi Mountain bead helps guide a business ship through financial storms at the intended course. But it should be noted that this Dzi does not encourage excitement and rash actions. It provides support only for well-balanced decisions that do not lead to an increased risk for the case.
The Dzi Mountain Peak bead works well when its owner is in a steady state of equilibrium. If its owner is endowed with great conceit and overly selfish, he risks losing everything so that he feels on himself what the excessively bloated ego leads to and knowing himself in a pure state.

Bead mountain peak Dzi

If the owner of this Dzi does his work with an open soul and heart, then this talisman will help in the realization of his desires. With a big ego, karma will only increase. Without selfish aspirations, a person will be able to realize their dreams.


Bead mountain peak Dzi helps in all life situations, giving protection and resistance to various adversities. This Dzi helps its owner to realize himself in business, career and life. It will be a stable and good career growth and continuous strengthening of the firm’s position.
Dzi Mountain brings success and supports its owner. It protects from troubles and strengthens both relations in the family and positions in society. Wear this Dzi and your life will become more stable and successful.

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