Heaven & Earth Dzi Bead – balances and leads to harmony two opposite substances – Yin and Yang

The Dzi bead Heaven and Earth balances and leads to harmony two opposite substances – Yin and Yang. These opposites are expressed in the Dzi bead by earth and heaven. Earth corresponds to Yin – the feminine, and the sky – Yang, the masculine.

Heaven & Earth Dzi Bead

Usually in life it happens that one of these opposites predominates. Then a person is either overly active, quick-tempered, harsh, or vice versa, passive and always turns out to be a consequence of circumstances.
Dzi bead Heaven and Earth helps balance these two opposing forces, which immediately improves the ability of its owner to live a better life. Flows become balanced, behavior is more adequate, and achieving goals is easier than before.

Description and application of Dzi beads Heaven and Earth

A square on a Dzi bead. Sky denotes the earth. The circle is the designation of the sky. The forces of heaven and earth are combined in this bead in relation to the person who wears this bead. These opposite energies form a single harmonious flow, which helps to achieve your goals.
These opposites also serve to harmonize one’s own energies. The flow of energy becomes more pure and harmonious. This helps to achieve balance and harmony in all areas of life. All obstacles and obstacles to your goal and everything that can harm you are cleared. Pleasant things begin to happen and what you dreamed of is coming true.

Businessmen really like this Dzi – Heaven and Earth. It harmonizes business processes and those plans and tasks that an entrepreneur faces become easier to implement. This Dzi helps to achieve great wealth and prosperity. You just need to feel these harmonizing energies and not impede them in achieving your cherished goal.
Dzi Heaven and Earth also helps to harmonize the vital flows of energy in the human body. It helps to remove body blocks and leads to the healing of the body. If you have a medical condition, this Dzi will also help to cope with it. Wear this Dzi bead in order to gain good health.


The bead Heaven and Earth Dzi is shown to be worn by everyone who feels that he has some kind of imbalance in life. It harmonizes the energies of Yin and Yang in all aspects of life. It helps to improve health, achieve wealth, prosperity and live a better life. Wear this Tibetan talisman and become harmonious in all aspects of your life!

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