19 eyes Dzi enhances to materialize owner aspirations

Bead Dzi 19 eyes enhances the ability of its owner to materialize in the life of his desires and aspirations. But a bead only helps those who have pure thoughts and good intentions. If a person has a clear mind and a pure heart, then not only his desires are embodied in life, but such a bead owner can help to realize the dreams of other people.

Dzi bead 19 eyes from Agate

Dzi 19-eyed bead also supports its wearer from sabotage in moving toward his goal. Many other, very attractive, but not leading to this goal, aspirations and desires can arise on the way to achieving the goal. Dzi 19-eyed bead helps to stay true to its true purpose and not be distracted by other temptations and desires that do not lead to the fulfillment of a dream.

Lucid dreams and raising the Kundalini

Bead Dzi 19 eyes helps all those who engage in lucid dreams and exits to the astral plane. This Dzi opens up wider access to the astral world. Dreams become more colorful, rich and informative. Over time, the owner of such a bead becomes able to receive lessons through his dreams and astral travels. And as you progress through such lessons, you can achieve an enlightened state of consciousness.
Also, the Dzi bead of 19 eyes helps to fully manifest and grow Kundalini energy. The growth of this energy helps to protect oneself from the negative energy influences that a person can receive in astral travels. This 19-eyed Dzi helps the bead owner become more aware when in the dream body. With practice, travel to the astral worlds will become more interesting, informative and will benefit the spiritual development of man.


Due to its interesting characteristics, Dzi bead 19 eyes helps to gain experience of astral travel and the ability to be aware of everything that happens in a dream. With the accumulation of such experience during lucid dreams and gaining more and more knowledge about the world order, the owner of this bead becomes more and more aware and spiritually advanced.
The energy and knowledge accumulated in such travels help its owner to materialize his dreams and desires in his life and help other people in this. If you are ready and willing to learn the world and engage in self-development in a dream – get this bead. It will help you learn not only in reality, but also in a dream.

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