Dzi Bead Universe – represent this universal life energy

The Dzi Universe, or, as it is more commonly called this bead – the Dzi Sun and Moon helps its owner to enrich his universal life force. The sun, moon, and star painted on this Dzi bead represent this universal life energy.
The bead Dzi Universe harmoniously combines the male energy of the Yang of the Sun, the female energy of the Yin of the Moon and the neutral cosmic energy of the Star. The combination of these symbols provides universal life energy, which helps in any life situations and harmonizes the very flow of life.

The meaning and application of the beads Dzi Sun and Moon

Dzi Sun and Moon will give its owner a more powerful stream of universal energy. In addition, the Dzi Universe helps to gain knowledge on how to use and apply this energy in life. When the owner of this bead learns to control the powerful flow of universal energy, he will be able to fill with vital energy and harmonize his life, as well as help other people in this.
This energy is neutral and impartial. It helps people, especially those who have an open heart, in order to live the most harmonious life in accordance with the laws of nature and the purpose with which we came to Earth. All that she does is correct everything wrong and helps to achieve what is right and leads to the person’s true life goals
This energy acts very softly and almost imperceptibly. She does not break anything. It only corrects and corrects harmful flows and swirls of negative energies and harmonizes the life stream so that everything that happens in life leads to harmony between man and the world.


Bead Dzi Universe helps its owner to harmonize life in all its manifestations and contributes to the achievement of vital destiny. She will help to learn to control the flows of universal energy. Therefore, it is good for those people who practice Reiki, work with universal energies and help people.
The person who wears this Dzi Sun, Moon and Star becomes more energetic and successful. Life is improving, it is faster and easier to achieve its goals. Wear this Dzi Universe and let your life become bright, rich and happy!
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